Monday, December 12

Weekend #49

How was your weekend?

Mine started out productive and receded into a lazy mode worthy of a drizzly quiet weekend.

After claiming a couple of free movie tickets from Cathay, I picked up books that I reserved from the library. Book reservations are one thing that I truly am grateful for. No more wandering about the library, second guessing if some random book would be interesting. Plus books are really expensive these days and I hardly read them twice. Can't wait to devour these over the next few weeks!

After running those errands, I was exhausted. Lunch was at 313 Somerset but I couldn’t think of anything worth having till I remembered Tarafuku… and their *hearts* buffet.

Tarafuku’s buffet isn’t a mile long or unmanageably expansive by any measure but the food is good. Freshly fried, prepared and sometimes only upon request, you can’t ask for a more than decent spread, especially since you might spend more at other restaurants.

Obligatory healthy first plate. I usually skip the salad line at most buffets but I love giant bean sprouts and sesame spinach. After this plate though, the rest of the meal were just multiple variations of these below:

Various shades of brown plus white refined carbs equals deliciousness to the power of 3. You have no idea how little it takes to make me happy these days.

At the risk of further upsetting my height-to-weight ratio, I maxed out my omega-3 quota for the week by loading up on fried teriyaki-drenched salmon collar and grilled mackerel.

Desserts-wise, there were some cream cakes, custard and ice cream available but I went back for seconds of these cream puffs and cream-filled sponge cakes. I had some fruit too, don’t worry. The cranberries in those biscotti, do they count? Kidding.

Thank god we didn’t do anything strenuous after lunch and the bromance on 50/50 was more endearing than churlish. Good movie. Won’t spoil the movie for you. Seth Rogen – hilarious.

We weren’t (ok, maybe it was just me) in the mood to wait at least 20 minutes at Imperial Treasure on Sunday, so we decided to try out The Asian Kitchen - Lu Gang Xiao Zhen.

Most of what we had was surprisingly good for a place that was too glossy and chain-looking for our usual liking.

The Mala Guitar Duck offered much satisfaction with its crispy fatty skin and gaminess though it was nowhere lip-numbingly spicy.

I even shared a quiet moment with the sourish pickled cabbage that accompanied the tender TAK pork belly.

We probably won’t order the oyster mee sua again as it got monotonous after a while and I have muh eye on the stir-fried tang hoon. Oh, I’m saving space for their signature roasted pork the next time round too.

Back to my books… Happy happy week ahead!

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