Tuesday, December 13

I will be back, Soon

When I was a kid, I loved following my parents to their office during the school holidays. Never been one to sleep in anyway, I knew there were good (and by good, I knew tasty) things awaiting me and one of my favourite breakfasts was Soon Heng Pork & Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre, #01-36).

Those days, I always thought the owner looked like Adolf Hitler (that itty bitty moustache) but his porridge was nothing evil, cruel and on the contrary, a bowl of nostalgic comfort.

I made an impromptu pit-stop for Soon Heng after collecting Christmas cakes I had ordered from Weylin. I needed it.

I had a particularly down morning. Kw barely rested as he was coughing all night; I had a horrible dream where I was on a vacation but stuck in the hotel elevator that seemed to be on an endless descent (no, it wasn’t a nightmare because I couldn’t find the breakfast buffet); and I was too lethargic to go to the gym.

This humble bowl of pork porridge laced with marinated minced and lean pork, and pork liver was the warm embrace I needed after a cheerless morning.

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