Monday, December 26

A homemade Christmas Eve dinner

Spent with kw's side of the family.

Smoked duck salad made by kw's dad

Roast beef also made by my father-in-law

Not to be outdone, a cheesy-oniony potato salad made by kw's mum

A very delicious turkey made by second aunt

Always been a 'leg' person

Barbequed lamb kebabs by small uncle

We brought along a delicious, fruit-studded, boozy fruitcake made by Weylin

along with family favourites. Macademia Nut Brittle was, as usual, the finish to be finished.

A chocolate ice cream logcake to remind us what festive season it was

Aloe vera, wolfberries and kiwi - something light to wash it all down


Lisa said...

Your in-laws are good cooks!

yx said...

i can't complain =)