Saturday, November 12

Doing Dinner

After lunch, I usually think about what I would have for dinner. Yup, that's me. Thinking about my next meal right after I'm done with my previous one. I wouldn't deny that I sometimes think about my next meal while tucking into my current meal. The brain is such a fascinating organ, ain't it?

I gave a quick thought about what to get because more often than not, at the purchase stage, I usually change my mind and spend a derisively long time pondering what to have as if it were the first time I was thiking about the meal.

I came. I shopped. I popped them into the oven. Ooo, check me out - budding domestic goddess.

Behold! Salmon and spinach, salami pizza, and brussel sprouts with parmesan.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, we had an Italian guest that evening. Say hello to a certain Mr. Da Paolo? First name, Gastronomia. Please be kind and don't laugh at my lack of culinary skills; I intend to make my marriage work beyond 72 days.

Just to give it a little personal touch, a lover's pinch of white truffle salt (aka magic salt) we bought from Chelsea Market. Touchdown!

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