Thursday, October 20

Wedding Bites (A-E)

Blogger’s note: We are off on our honeymoon. In the meantime, here is an A-Z rundown of our wedding preparations to keep you occupied in the meantime. Pictures by Ivan Tan.


A – A+: That’s how I would rate our wedding from planning to actual delivery. Self-praise, ooo classy. Wait, let me explain… My benchmark was set pretty low to begin with - I had psyched myself up for pain and trauma after hearing way too many stories of mothers and mother-in-laws who try to plan their second weddings, nitpicking outsiders and unreliable vendors. The fact that nothing major screwed up and my bridesmaids haven’t de-friended me on Facebook makes me super relived and thankful.


B – Bridesmaids: Diana, Zee, Zhu and Yang. My criteria for choosing bridesmaids was simple – will they still like me after I turn into a neurotic, wedding-schedule-clutching twit? To you ladies, thank you for keeping my morale up when things were getting a wee bit too yadeeda for my liking. From the bottom of my heart, our big day was a lot more special, thanks to you guys.

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C – Cakes and cupcakes: For our solemnization ceremony, we got a ginormous Strawberry Hill from Patisserie Glace (our favourite cake-tart to rule them all and still good 3 days later) for our wedding cake. Yang also baked pistachio and red velvet cupcakes; she was super busy with school work but I think she felt bad about inheriting all the good culinary genes and baked these yummeh babies for us.

D – Dresses: I had 8 dresses in total. Initially, I thought it would just be a simple affair of a rented wedding gown, evening dress and maybe a cheongsam, but I think my mum got a little carried away and I found myself with a wedding gown, cheongsam and poufy dress from Le Grand; Sretsis Magpie and Gagana Flounce dresses from Lula Rock, two Sue Wong dresses and an evening gown made by Ann Teoh. Stay tuned for a separate post on this (MUAHAHA).


E - Engagement: A simple and private affair shared by the both of – just the way I like it.

To be continued =)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Was wondering where you held your solemnisation? :)


yx said...

hi janelle, thank you for your well wishes. we held it at our new place =)