Monday, August 1

Hot, not Haute, Weekend

This weekend, I found myself near hot soup with kw's parents. Nah, it wasn't anything bad unless you consider copious re-fills of rich pork bone soup heinous. I don't - but I swear I could hear kw's voice at the back of my head, chiding me for chugging down the hot soup.


On Saturday, we lunched at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant, which is highly recommended by dear Maxie. It would be an understatement to say that Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant is Maxie's Mecca; it is a place where she can visit on a near daily, not annual, basis (P.S. I love people who have compulsive feeding habits similar to myself).


The meal was awesome and the star of the afternoon was undeniably the sauce. On Maxie's blessed advice, we let the waitress do her thing with the condiments and she whipped up this deadly addictive concoction that made ever-ree-thung taste believably good.

My heart goes out to the fried fish skin. Yeap duh, it's deep-fried, it HAS TO be good. I dunked the fried babies into the soup for about 2 seconds to soften them around the edges (but without losing their crisp) before dipping them into the sauce. Lo and behold, a where-have-you-been-all-my-life moment!


We could also ordered some dim sum, including their baked char siew pastries. Imperial Treasure's baked char siew pastries brings all the boys to the yard - even as I tucked into my second one 10 minutes past its supposed prime.

I have proclaimed my love for it in the past but it truly deserves another mention. The burnished golden pastry is a cross between a puff pastry and shortbread, and Imperial Treasure fills their baked char siew pasties with a big spoonful of stew-y char siew that melds wonderfully into the buttery, flaky pastry.

There many types of steamboat eater but they are mainly split into 2 camps - those who throw everything in and those who cook as they eat (note: it would be a disaster if the two groups ate together). My allegiance lies more with the latter group; I prefer to throw all the 'balls' into the soup and cook the rest as I go along.

You wanna know if you can marry someone? Travel together. You wanna know if you can live with them? Have steamboat together.


I don't know if it was lunch but the day just kept getting hotter. Warm, humid days are real energy zappers, aren't they? Make mine a Teh si , Nike si please!

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Dalton said...

love this post. have fun.