Tuesday, August 30

Bridal Shower at Basilico, Regent Hotel

Last Saturday, Diana and I did our joint bridal shower at Regent Hotel’s Basilico. For some reason, I cannot and have never imagined myself to have a me-only bridal shower. I guess I don’t enjoy unabbreviated attention; even as a kid, I was always uncomfortable when people sang the birthday song for me at my own parties while I stood around twiddling my toes. With Diana back from Hong Kong for a few days, it was the perfect time to plan something together since we were each other’s maid of honour.

We had a determinedly civilized Italian lunch at Basilico. Nope, no strippers, vibrators or dinky winky toys... I guess we are a bunch of ladies who would get more excited over beef lasagne than beef cakes anyway; and instead of a hangover, we would prefer to suffer from food coma.

I was blitheringly excited about lunch, no doubt fuelled by the excitement of my younger sis and the promise of a fantastic day-in with some of those dearest to me. Basilico offered us their beautiful private room when they found out it was a bridal shower. I almost pitied the maitre d - each time one of us arrived, we would burst into squeals and hugs. Sigh, memories I would cling on to.


Me dressed in the perfect buffet-friendly dress… With fellow bride-to-be Diana and our honourable bridesmaids. I told kw I was going do a whole lot of cam-whoring since it is potentially downhill after marriage and kids...


The food was awesome. Unlike buffets that proclaim to have “more than 120 items” and questionable quality, Basilico’s spread was substantial and more importantly, very accomplished. You can probably get a better and prettier picture of the grub available here - sgdessert, dot in a box, and the food nomads. Patience is truly not a virture of mine.


We came, we ate, we sat till the cows came home.

Apart from the salad bar and cheeses, I had a bit of everything and here are my favourites: Meats-wise, I loved the roast pigeon, roast lamb paired with truffle mustard and lamb stew. Not to be outdone, the carbs rallied together - I had seconds of the gnoochi and pesto cannelino; the smoked salmon and four cheese pizzas were pretty darn fantastic - think thin but chewy. On the sweet front, don't miss out on the homemade ice creams (double scoops of love for the espresso), white chocolate and raspberry cake and espresso creme brûlée (lost track on how many servings I had).


Gifts for the bridesmaids. Bribes, blackmail and compensation disguised in a burlap bag.


Thank goodness, my final fitting is in October!


Zhu!!! said...

Lovely!!! I'm so bummed I missed it! Wed! =)

she said...

you were dearly missed!

Diana said...

YAY!! love this post, love the photos, love my bridesmaid's kit!