Tuesday, June 21

Two additional reasons

... to brave the torrid, mad-hungry lunch time crowd at Raffles Place.


Left: High-powered lawyer to-be.
Right: Da Paolo Gastronomia’s smoked salmon pizza

Relatively calm and spacey, this Gastronomia outlet is quite something. The cascading foliage provided a sought-after respite from the concrete jungle out there. It felt almost as if I were having lunch at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Battery Road

It has been a while since I caught up with this girl. She is crazy funny and I love how hard she makes me laugh.


Zhu said...

And how the lobby magnifies our laughter 1000x!!! hahahah!!!

Yixiao said...

Hahahaha! Tell me about it!!

sam said...

wah Zhu look so professional... but actually just chatting with friend on the phone and BBMing at the same time