Thursday, June 30



Holy cow! This is the last day of the first half of the year. Now I’m not one to rack up a list of achievements by [insert time period] but the first half of the year has been pretty exhilarating. If you have been following my Twitter, you could have probably known by now that I have changed jobs.

One of the first few things I do when I move jobs is develop a new routine. These days, given the proximity and inclination, I have getting my mid-afternoon snack, an egg white, mushroom and red peppers wrap from Starbucks. Granted it's a breakfast item, but the cheese and red peppers in it remind me of a burrito (albeit by a slight stretch of imagination). It’s a little doughy but I, lover of curry puff crust, ain’t complaining. Best of all, it agrees with my egg-intolerant system.

I came across this interesting article on the most overused buzzwords and marketing speak in press releases, which was a sound reminder to a PR & Marketing person like myself.

Then I thought about all the dining clichés that make me
- delish
- melt in your mouth
- for _______ lovers only
- deep fried to perfection
- rich without being cloying

… feel free to add on more.

One more day to the weekend!


Anonymous said...

watcha workin' as now? tai-tai?

Yixiao said...

Hurhur, I wouldn't be eating egg white wraps from a coffee chain if I were a tai tai.

More on my job to come!