Wednesday, May 18

Table for six, please

It is midweek Wednesday. Some have just returned to work from a long weekend, while others - myself included- are looking forward to the upcoming normal-length-but-just-as-covetable weekend.

We have been spending our weekends and public holidays window-shopping for furniture and fittings. It has been tiring. We have been travelling from one place to another, getting pong-ed out by raw materials and chemicals, but I am enjoying every bit of home planning.

I am fiendishly happy about getting our first piece of furniture!


It is a dining table from Journey East that we had been eyeing for months. The table is made from recycled teak wood and the legs just go on and on.

I love the fact that the dining table is our first piece of furniture. I love how much bonding we will share over this table - regular family meals, dinner soirees with friends and of course, between the both of us.

Happy midweek, folks.


joel said...

Hello, just wondering how much did your Journey East table for 6 cost you?

Yixiao said...

hi joel, do you mind dropping me an email at


Terence said...

Hi YX,

Hello from Journey East, and thanks for sharing about the d-Bodhi Trapezium dining table that you purchased.

Hope that it is serving you well so far, and we are happy that it will be a big part of your bonding sessions with your loved ones.