Sunday, May 8

Happy Mummy Weekend

Hello folks and more importantly, mums out there, hope you had a smashing pop-the-champagne-cork weekend!


Of course, this is not the only day to be nice to mum or take mum out for a good meal at a 5-star ritzy restaurant. But who really minds if it's an extra day to pay tribute to mums, grandmas, mother-in-laws and fairy godmothers out there?

After dinner tonight, my mum, sister and I went to the pharmacy as my mum wanted to get a moisturizer. My younger sister and I had such a laugh, trying to convince mum to get the Durex massage "moisturizer" gel.

Don't think you could find a better sport than my mum =)

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Yixiao said...

Hello, we had lunch at Summer Pavilion, Ritz Carlton. It's ok, not great =)