Thursday, March 17

It's so quiet in here.

TWG's blueberry tart

What were you thinking? This blog died or something?

Thing is there has been a lot going on in my life. Wedding planning, optional occasional drama, upcoming renovations, potential hoohas with the contractor etc. I have spent much of my weekends looking at bathroom fixtures, driveway tiles, and I think we might look at kitchen cabinets this weekend.

I am definitely living through one of those memorable-lfe's-milestone period. Funny enough the more I have to share, the less I want to talk about it. Not that I have that many readers, but there is something weird about dishing out my life out there in the World Wide Web.

It was easier when I blogged about food. Insert pictures taken under bad lighting, largely unqualified reviews, but real personal comments. It was definitely a lot easier to blog about nice, tasty, juicy, meat-fall-the-bone food.

I’m not about to shortchange your time by posting a bunch of pictures and links to other people’s blogs. Maybe I will find the inspiration to blog properly again - and by properly, I mean, meaningfully - even if no one but my mum and the occasional accidental passer-by reads what I have to say.

Meanwhile, I came across this lovely blog while blog cruising. Enjoy.



hanna said...

Just a note to say I've been following your blog for some time, and find your posts enjoyable and the food review refreshing.

Congrats on the upcoming nuptial. Plse keep blogging.

Yixiao said...

hey hanna, you are too kind! thank you =)