Sunday, January 2

Allo 2011

How did you celebrate New Year Eve?

With lots of fooding, I hope.


Unexpectedly, we had ourselves quite a calorific bonanza.


With US Lousiana baby back ribs, lamb shank stew, tempura prawns and wasabi mayonnaise.


3 different types of hedonistically good crispy pork bell stuffed with walnut, berries and apple; tomato salsa salad, Yang's fantastically crisp Mac & Cheese.


Mum's fried rice paradise, Hoover Road rojak, Ekac oomphy tiramisu, and a nectarine mixed berries toos-up.


With any luck, I have one month to detox before Chinese New Year descends upon us.

Here's to a glorious purposeful 2011 for all of us!


zee said...

what a smorgasbord! looks like a warm, lovely way to usher in 2011 :) happy new year babe.

missjabok said...

happy new year yixiao! and looks like we've the same tempura prawns supplier ;) good stuff, isn't it.

Diana said...

damn those yummy food! wish i were there dear :)

Yixiao said...


happy smiles and not a post-feast triple chin

simplesplendidthings said...

Wow, that's a lot of food to welcome the year. Happy New Year!


Cavalock said...

Hope i'm not too late! Happy New Year!