Tuesday, August 17

Weekend #32


Signs that point to a great weekend:

Neighbourhood Sushi Tei joint serves up utterly unctuous otoro. Though this is a rare once-is-a-bluefin-moon occurrence.

Re-discovering my trifling ardor for truffle in another of my loves – pizza. Beautiful breezy weather cum 6PM cravings meant we snagged rare seats at the al fresco area.

A very literal pig out despite the toothache.

And to overcome toothache, Salted Mister Brown from the awesome Daily Scoop.

New shoesies with chunky sugarcane heel up for extra stability.

Prata over pancakes for breakfast and discovering that their kopi that tastes like my favourite childhood candy, Kopiko. Note: they make a meaneth teh halia which will expel the extra wind in your lungs and under your wings.

Hope you had a good weekend too. If you didn't, there's always the next one to look forward to.


Joy said...

So agree that if one weekend fails, there is always the next one to look out for! BTW, the pizza looks dangerously good with the melting cheese...where is it from?

Yixiao said...

get your fix at da paolo pizza bar =)

ivan said...

What is "once-is-a-bluefin-moon"?