Monday, July 26

Birthday Weekend #29


Finally in the Quarters' Club. Too tired to write something now - guess age must be catching up with me.


How was your weekend?

I was officially inducted into the Quarter’s Club with borrowed fireworks, 5 Flor slices and a much-welcomed staycation.

It took us slightly over an hour to get from Duxton Hill to the Marina area, thanks to the National Day Parade road closures. All this while, with my cakes in the car, I was getting edgier by the minute, ready to give a gun salute of my own. Suddenly, K wiped out a HABUMI matcha sable and said, here, road trips are all about eating in the car. It worked like a charm - the dense bitter-rich butter cookie gently nudged away my mounting anxiety and soon enough I found my antidote to the perfect birthday weekend.

Staycation, sashimi and sugar.


ratatouille said...

happy belated bday to u

JY said...

Happy birthday Yixiao!

Yixiao said...

thank you for yout well wishes, guys!

Joy said...

Hi there, happy belated birthday to you and may your year ahead be full of good food and great fun! BTW, I love that grey bag you have there...where is it from?

Yixiao said...

thanks joyce!

grey bag's from seoul =)