Wednesday, June 23

Weekend #23


As you can tell, I’m liking weekend posts a lot more than regular postings.

One Saturday morning Soba and Toro kept circling around me (perhaps my outfit did made me look like a sausage roll after all) and I became trigger-happy. Although I’m less than thrilled about their ability to pee and shed fur spontaneously – oh why can’t you guys just play fetch and pick up the newspapers? - they are irresistibly cute at times. With them around, I surprise myself with sporadic bouts of babytalk. Shudder.

We are on austerity drive these days and I hope it’s not just me but I find it more fun to do cheap stuff – and feel like a millionaire doing it. But we detoured from Budget Boulevard at Gattopardo, making a pitshop for their Arrotolata, a calzone stuffed with smoked mozzarella, suckling pig and porcini, confetti with rucola and parmesan. I knew this was something my mum (and probably you) would love and I can’t wait to take my family there sometime soon. Oh but I was rather disappointed with their Il Cannolo Siciliano though – think someone left the cannoli wafer tupperware open.

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Singaporefoodlover said...

is the arotollata really something special??