Wednesday, June 30

Ghetto Weekend #24


Odd furballs aside, I can haz a cheeseburger on Sunday from McDonalds. It was such a random buy as I wanted to get a vanilla cone initially. Not the handsomest of burgers, the cheeseburger sure tasted like the cheeseburger from my days at Lorna Winston at United Square. I don’t quite remember what I learnt from Lorna Winston (the children picture books were always more interesting) but I do, however, remember what the cheeseburger tasted. Ghetto, ketchupy with a mouthful of raw onions.

A Madame Figaro magazine and embroidered fish purse from Kyoto sure adds to the perennial lovefest I have for Japan. When my sister told me about her Nippon plans, my skin cringed with envy but I thought, even if I weren’t living the dream, at least someone I care for is. Hopefully she needs company =)


Anonymous said...

Hint hint

You shld find some time to come over to tokyo.

Yixiao said...

i got the hint, i got the hint!

zee said...

I love your weekend posts. :)

Super cute fish purse!

And don't be envious of your sister's Japan plans... your SF ones already sound amazing and you've not even told me half of what you're going to do there :P

Yixiao said...

zee babe! the fish is adorable... and i'm really happy for my sister. can't wait to read about your bangkok posts!