Monday, April 12

Macarons from Macarune

Black sesame. Chocolate. Fruity tea. Hazelnut brown butter. Honey lavender. Passionfruit. Pistachio. Pistachio rose. Raspberry. Vanilla bean. Surprise flavour - fruit gelee.


When Danielle annouced she would be organising Macarune’s first variety pack sale, I dropped whatever I was doing, made sure the boss wasn't looking and signed up on Facebook fastest-finger-first reserved a box, just short of signing off in blood or something just as fervid.

On the car ride home, I carried them cautiously, my arms bent at a 90-degree angle to secure them. K, who usually brakes at amber, decided not to for fear of disturbing the bounty in my arms.


Of course I could be completely biased by the fact that these were made by K's cousin, Chris's girlfriend, Danielle (phew) of Macarune fame... BUT these macarons were just some of the best macarons I've had. The smooth pearlish shell crust cracked open to reveal insides that were chewy by the seconds, stuffed with a lovely ratio of light buttercream.


The macarons were baked fresh, meaning the girl spent close to 9 hours everyday over the long weekend (what weekend?!) baking these babies. My sister said they were better than Pierre Herme and I can see why - macarons taste best when they are made with love.



David Koh said...

Just wrote about Macarune as well! I wish I could buy another box...

That's like the ultimate compliment from your sister!

yixiaooo said...

i agree, dave.

i was initially hesitant about blogging about Macarune as i was worried i could potentially miss out on spaces for Danielle's bake sale ... then i thought if more people bought her "macarunes", she could be prompted to set up something proper and that would be even more excellentah!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for your kind words yixiao. don't worry about missing out on orders cause i'll always keep u in mind! n david too!:)

ps: ur sis is oh too sweet!

♥ danielle

yixiaooo said...

thanks danielle! can't wait to try out more macarons ... you know who to call if you need guinea pigs =)