Tuesday, March 2

CNY Dinner with


people that I want to grow old with.


David Koh said...

Aww thanks for inviting us! I had a great time! Especially porno taboo! Haha but seriously thank you.

yixiaooo said...

"porno taboo" .... DAVE, my mum reads my blog! HAHA jk

thank you for coming and for making that fantastic cheese dessert =)

David Koh said...

"Wow that's a nice cutting board Dave" - You

"Erm actually it's yours..." - Me


M. said...

YX, that is a very sweet post. Thanks for inviting us. We enjoyed ourselves very much!

yixiaooo said...

Dave, imagine if we made a compilation of Quotes of the Evening.

YX walks into the kitchen, "Oh shit! Don't tell me we threw away oven?"

mia, glad you enjoyed yourself and also thanks for the awesome tart!

4:07 PM

Diana said...

i wanna grow old with you too!

Peggy said...

looks like a fabulous dinner and evening!

yixiaooo said...

D, we will be wearing our jade bangles and feasting on fatty food when we are in our 70s!

peggy, it sure was a delight having close and new friends around

Zee said...

:) :)