Wednesday, October 28

Carnivore, VivoCity

Now I don't get these cravings regularly, but when I do, they come hard and fast.

And I'm referring to, Man Food.

Unadorned, straightforward and meaty.


At aptly-named Carnivore, the food was ok. I got my meat fix but I wouldn't recommend it wholeheartedly for Brazilian Churrascaria. Most of the meats were overdone and the salad bar was ok (not that I've seen better since I'm not a churrascaria regular). But at least I got muh meat.

Carnivore VivoCity
1 Harbour Front Walk
Tel: 6376 9939

30 Victoria StreeT
Tel: 6334 9332


pinoyislands said...

meat here it looks good it made me hungry. you can try adobo in the philippines our national dish

Anonymous said...

The meat is so saltish here and you like it? Yet complain about better places with fine food? Oh gosh...Haa....

yixiaooo said...

Pinoyislands, I do wanna try adobo!