Friday, September 11

Summer of '09

Flaps of cashmere ice sheets

Lighter than gelato but more gratifying than ice kachang


Victoria made a beeline for the Mango Mania, milk frost topped with mango puree and cubes. I had a few scoops of it but even that was enough to make me woozy.


I customized my treat - black sesame frost, blessed with a heap of crushed oreo and caramel drizzle. It’s odd how much I love oreo chucks. The whole oreo cookie or oreo smashed-to-smithering-sand bits don’t do it as much for me, but oreo chucks? Perfectly scoopable. It would have been awesome if the black sesame was stronger (because I *black seh-sar-mee* you) but it was a great treat nonetheless.

I can’t wait to have it again.

Summer Frost
41 East Coast Road


SistaFood said...

We've tried it Summer Frost too! Love the black sesame frost. Next time you should try peanut butter frost. It was fabulous! They have red bean topping as well. They use large azuki red beans and usually sold out by night! Super generous with the amount they gave! We always like to add on more toppings. haha

yixiaooo said...

can't wait to try that out =)