Friday, September 4

An Ember September

One day, back-from-Boston Edward rescued me from the drabbyness of my workplace vicinity and we both headed to Ember at Hotel 1929 for lunch.

Recently mentioned in Financial Times, this is my third visit to Ember Restaurant and still as every bit enjoyable. While Ember has been known to not make drastic changes to their menu, I guess this fits people who twitch uncontrollably when they can’t find their go-to dish.

The since-it’s-not-broken-why-fix-it homemade crispy tofu, soft shell crab with wasabi aioli, miso cod and warm banana tart are still on the menu. Edward stuck to his favourites – soft shell crab, miso cod and warm Varlhona chocolate cake, while I decided to take a new route – at least for starters and main course.


The complimentary sun-dried bread that as raved about as its mains.

It’s amazing how idiot-proof simple it is to get people to like your restaurant when you serve fingertips- and-heart-warming complimentary bread.

For my starters, I was nobbing between the pan-seared scallops and bamboo clams but settled for the clams as they were a lot less commonplace than their other shellfish counterparts.


It was fantastic. Steamed bamboo clams sliced up and served on a manicured lawn of bottarga hollandaise. The cheesy, creamy and slightly fishy sauce spruced up the unapologetically-fresh bamboo clams without overshadowing them.

WHOA, I have a feeling that bottarga hollandaise would be my new “wasabi aioli”. Someone please make it into a dip for chunky fries!


I don't think I could pull a string of sentences to fully describe how much I enjoyed the pan-seared Chilean seabass with mushroom and smoked bacon ragout. Clean oilish seabass ... pan-seared crisp crust ... smoky creamy indulgent ragout ... AHH, sorry that's the best I can do. But it was awesomeeee.


Warm Varlhona chocolate cake (WCC) may be ubiquitous but it’s like how I always tune into CNN or Discovery Channel when I’m on a holiday in a foreign- speaking land. A familiar comforting blimp amongst a sea of I-donch-get-chew channels. And Ember’s WCC was a very competent version.


Initially I ordered their Dessert of the Day - nougat and lychee sorbet, but when I saw how unsatisfactory tiny it was (as it being served at my neighbour’s table... poor neighbour), I felt a strong sense of moral obligation to not blemish my experience.

I changed my order to the (massive) tiramisu, which came with a smooth and rich chocolate sorbet… and a little rum to make my Thursday afternoon more palatable.

Restaurant Ember
50 Keong Saik Road
Tel: 6347 1928


ivan said...

You're Famous! Congratulations on FT mentioning your 3rd visit to Ember!

yixiaooo said...

hey Ivan, Ember, not myself, was featured in the article. haha. that would have been nice though.