Tuesday, June 23

This is fun.

Would You Rather Be Able to Eat Anything OR Have Any Guy Fall For You?

I rather be able to eat anything.

Would You Rather Have Gisele's Body or A Million Dollars?

Million dollars and spend a tenth of it getting Giselle's body.

Would You Rather Be Hilariously Funny or Drop-Dead Gorgeous?

Hilariously Funny. And makes loads of moolah ... then get Natalia's face and Giselle's body.

Would You Rather Date a Much Younger or Much Older Guy?

No brainer. Much Older Guy.

On Vacation, Would You Rather Stay in a Hotel or Rent an Apartment?


Would You Rather Have a Small Wedding or a Giant Wedding?

The smallest possible. Celebrated by just the two of us.

Would You Rather Have the Power of Flight or Invisibility?

Flyyyyyyyyy... Just so that I can skip the meddlesome security checks at airports and bad airplane food.

From Glamour.com


Anonymous said...

I would totally choose being able to eat anything and everything too. Such gluttons! And about Spruce, I don't like the way they present the food, or rather the lack of presentation. Feels like they just dump the food on too-small plates. eck. See Gramercy Kitchen please.

- f

yixiaooo said...

anything related to seoul can do no wrong huh? ha.