Wednesday, February 18

the sartoREAList

because real life is so much better

A couple of Saturdays back, I had a small get-together / Chinese New Year thing for people who
1. matter alot to me and
2. I haven't seen in yonks

Due to the theme, guests were encourage to come in something satorialistic. Hmm, it was loosely adhered to but what the heck, my guests looked fine and dandy anyway!

Quote and unquote Wai, "Hey I wore shoes and not my flip flops!"

Here are some photos for now because Joyce le photographe officiel hasn't uploaded all the photos yet. I'm going to update later with more photos of FOOD (gaw-, the food was good) and party people.






it's my party and i cry if i want to


ice said...

Who's the one with suspenders? Looks... awesome aww.... hehe

yixiaooo said...

that's jonny!