Monday, February 2

PS Cafe and HONK!

And the fun continues when the four of us are reunited! We met up for tea at PS Palais because we had a musical to catch.


Croque Monsieur is a dish I would love to share with friends, simply because it's pretty darn rich. I would love it on first and second bite but by the seventh or eighth, a quick friendly bailout is necessary.


Ardenne smoked ham layered neatly between rustic bread, crowned with creamy intense Gruyere cheese, it was a fancy-pants grilled cheese sandwich.


For our sweet tooth (teeth?), we settled for the sticky lemon and chewy florentine cake, served with vanilla ice cream, which I have had on at least half of my visits here.


cThe girls were in luck as my sister baked lemon meringue cupcakes that very morning and I brought some for them. Ready... Position ... Attack!


Life can be so cruel when you are a friggin' delicious lemon meringue cupcake.


After which we caught Honk! The Musical, which was SMU Arts Festival 2009 Closing Gala at Victoria Theatre. Some of the singers were pretty amazing and it was an excellent show overall. Thumbs up for the cupcakes and HONK!

PS Cafe, Palais Renaissance
Palais Renaissance #02-09A
390 Orchard Road
Tel 9834 8232


mr potato said...

are u by any chance a SMU student??

yixiaooo said...

i was... till last nov.

ladyironchef said...

haha i lost count the number of times you went to ps cafe already.

yixiaooo said...

haha... i'm really really bad with trying out new places!

mr potato said...

oh tts nice.
i guess im your junior then.hahs. =)
I think your food literature is pretty splendid.interested in helping out SMU gourmet club?? =)

yixiaooo said...

hey mr potato, i was the ex-Publications Director of SMU Gourmet Club. haha

Are you writing for them now?

mr potato said...

*bows down*

which batch were you from?
i am under events now. but i dont mind trying out some writing.

its weird talking like that.
prob u cld add me on msn @ sam__teo@hotmail
or fb @

Anonymous said...



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