Sunday, December 21

Pierre Herme, Tokyo

On our first night in Tokyo, my sister and I headed over to Isetan Shinjuku for food porn. To make the most out of my sweet foray, I decided to try Pierre Herme and Sadaharu Aoki.


I love millefeuilles and I knew immediately I had to have the Millefeuille Montebello, a flaky buttery puff pastry filled with tangy raspberry and pistachio cream. It was absolutely stunning to see and taste it. Sigh, I'm still thinking about it.



Of course we couldn't leave without getting his macarons.


Love at first bite for my sister, who almost wept with tears when she bit into the Rose.


The chocolate was likeable but I didn't like the bland vanilla macaron. Having tried macarons from Sadaharu Aoki, Dalloyau and Pierre Herme on this trip (and Laduree before), I think Pierre Herme has the best macarons. They are the plumpest and fullest, with the optimum meringue shell to cream ratio.

Sigh, there's no turning back once you've had 'Pierre'.

Pierre Hermé Paris
Can be found at Aoyama, Seibu Shibuya, Ikspiari at Tokyo Disneyland, Hotel New Otani and Isetan Shinjuku


alicia said...

Pierre's macarons are indeed out of this world. I experienced euphoria when I tried my first macaron.

It was utterly blissful. :) Lucky you, eating so many yummy desserts.

ice said...

Sigh, there's no turning back once you've had 'Pierre'. Agreed... sigh.

David Koh said...

Aaahhh Pierre Herme! I'm so jealous! I want to lick my Mac's screen especially with the Rose Macaron picture. Was at last year's World Gourmet Summit where Pierre Herme was giving a class. At the end of the question and answer session, when the moderator said that they would take the last question. Some Tai Tai put up her hand and asked what was the address of his Tokyo shop. I almost broke the pen I was holding in my hand.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. What a stupid woman. Yes, I would have broken my pen too.

yixiaooo said...

now now people, it's just french deserts... or it is?

Joyz said...

Oh no...reminded me of the time that I missed going by Pierre Herme to get these lovely desserts when I was there in Tokyo...sob, sob.