Tuesday, December 9

Kam Fung Restaurant 金凤茶餐厅, Hong Kong

With more than 7 million people squashed into a tiny tiny city, there is no point in thinking, 'eat where the locals eat' because you will find basically breathing human beings everywhere at any time of the day.

However if you still want to eat like a local, look out for the retirees. Yup, slightly elderly people, usually with their other halves, sharing their meals together wordlessly but comforted by the presence of each other.


Kam Fung does busy breakfast business. There is a counter bakery where people knowingly stop for their fix of pineapple buns and egg tarts; inside the restaurant, locals tuck into quintessential Hong Kong breakfast - instant noodles and macaroni.

Service is hmm, Basic101. You tell Man With Scowl how many people, he points to an empty table, you take your seat, and he takes and serves your order.


I came to try their fresh beef and omelette sandwich because somehow in all my trips to Hong Kong, I have never had a cha chan teng sandwich and Kam Fung was known for their fresh beef and omelette sandwich.


Deceivingly plain on the outside, the sandwich was extremely satisfying. For something so simple, it was all about timing; both the omelette and beef tendon niblets were taken off the pan in good time, resulting in fluffy wetish egginess and supple chewy beef hugged by plain white toast.

By then, it seemed like a good time to order their signature chilled milk tea, although I ordered the coffee version instead. Miraculously, Man With Scowl suddenly cracked a smile - perhaps aptly mirroring my look of dazed satisfaction.


A couple of days later, I went for their Nutritious Breakfast Set C, which came with a thick ham omelette, po luo bao (pineapple bun) and their chilled milk tea.


Although only a nation that is famous for serving instant noodles in restaurants considers this "nutritious", the high-fat high-butter content agrees with me.

Kam Fung Restaurant 金凤茶餐厅
41 Spring Garden Lane
Wan Chai
Opening Hours: 6:45am - 7pm


ice said...

I love pineapple buns too! Looks like a mighty breakfast. I must say your HK posts are more interesting lol. =) Getting jaded around here sigh.

sooks said...

hope you're feeling better.

you should definitely check out Australia Dairy Milk Company at 47 Parkes Street in Jordan. I love their scrambled eggs and thick toast!

alicia said...

Haha, I'm not much of an instant noodles fan. But yes, have read about the famous beef sammie and chilled milk tea.

Glad that you managed to check it out. Darn, I wish I was still in hk.

The Blogger Rocker said...

I am a regular of this place and I must say that you are very fortunate to have taken a shot of Mrs Yu (the owner). She does not like the spotlight much that I can tell you.

I love going there at 6:45am every Sat/Sun to have their famous "Egg tarts" and "Chicken Pie". So yummy. Besides, love chatting to Mrs Yu and other co-fans of the place. Like a big family gathering if you know what I mean. What is best of visiting at that hour is that Mrs Yu would not order you around the place. It gets really crowded after 8am.