Tuesday, November 25

Royal Pumpkin Cheesecake, TCC

When I peeped into the box, the sunset-amber hue made me think, "Hmm orange cake..." Yet as soon as a forkful hit my tastebuds, there was no denying the irresistible pumpkin scent.




Just when I was lamenting over the lack of pumpkin goodies, TCC's Royal Pumpkin Cheesecake appeared in my life. This was even better than the chocolate cake I was hoping for. We need more pumpkin stuff!


Curious Foodie Amelia likes it too.

There aren't many Singapore-made show that we local can be proud of but The Noose is surprisingly funny.


Anonymous said...

haha yes I love it. why did u cut urself off the photo! pout.

yixiaooo said...

shy =p