Wednesday, November 12

"Obsessing over my future is severely handicapping any chance I have at obtaining happiness in the present."

- Reannon
Taken from Life Lessons Learned on the Road

I am going to repeat this to myself every single day and try to stop obsessing about job applications. By the way, I received two wedding invitations for the next couple of months, guess this means I've officially entered the Attend Friends' Weddings phase in my life.


Reannon said...

Hey thanks for linking to me! How sweet of you. Good luck on finding a job! I'm emailing out resumes right now actually. And it's totally daunting and overwhelming. The last job I applied for said they received 1,800 resumes for that position. So did not need to know that. : )

yixiaooo said...

hi reannon, thank you for your kind words. good luck to you!