Thursday, November 27

Hello from Hong Kong

Hello there, I've been here for a day.

Hong Kong hasn't changed much since I last came. The place smells far-nie, people still walk into me (or do I intentionally walk into them), and chaos more or less thrives in every nook and cranny.

How am I going to occupy myself over the next couple of weeks? Beats me but I'm maybe for once, I will have a real relaxed vacation.

Also, I finally joined Facebook.

Yes, finally!

Please don't laugh...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yay facebook!!! :) What's ur email addy or nick, email me!

Joyz said...

hey, I JUST joined as well, what a coincidence! (And I thought I was the only "dino" around..*wink*)It was just Thursday that I set up my account! It was really peer pressures that made me do it...haha. Its just that all my friends have always been asking how come I didnt have FB, and advocating the benefits and advantages, blah blah...So I finally set it up and it has been quite far..

yixiaooo said...

haha we have descended from the mountains and rejoined civilization.

the hungry cow said...

Welcome to Facebook! Haha. Actually i dont really use it much as well. Got an account to appease the emails that bombard when friends add me.

Btw if u're still in HK, you've got to try the suckling pig from Asiania Restaurant (1/F Asian House, 1 Hennessy Rd, Wanchai, HK. Tel: 2861-2882)! Do order in advance and allocate at least 1/4 pig/person. No regrets. =)

yixiaooo said...

hey leroy, thanks for the tip... i will try it out if i can find people to go with me!