Monday, July 21

Harrods Rotisserie, London

On my first day back in London from Copenhagen, aunt Jo and I met up for her-brunch-my-lunch and she took me to Harrods Rotisserie.

“It’s very good” she gleefully remarked. Well it sure looked like it because there were people seated by the counter at around 11.15am, even before the rotisserie was ready to receive orders.
We sat down, in vivid anticipation of service. And we waited. At precisely 11:30pm, a waiter handed us a menu that featured a handful of your usual roast items.


I immediately knew what I wanted because
A. I’m so predictable.
B. I have this mental checklist, which takes me about 12.5 seconds to make a decision.

1. Game Birds e.g. quail, pigeon
2. Tongue in Cheek. Tongue or cheek of some animal
3. Red meat in the following order: duck, beef and lamb
4. Fish in the following order: cod and salmon
5. Chicken
6. Pork


The list remains more or less unchanged unless meat is prepared differently or served with unusual side dishes. By then I would be increasingly indecisive and would take about 10 minutes to make a decision, before getting 2nd and 3rd doubts about my choice.

Since there weren’t any game birds or tongue/cheek stuff, I had the duck and Aunt Jo went for the chicken.


For an additional charge, the rotisserie offers side dishes such as oriental rice, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes but we ordered the corn on cob and green salad.

Before our mains and side dishes came, we ere given a basket of sliced bread coins that was unceremoniously plain. This was most un-Harrods- I thought everything at Harrods was meant to be OTT?

Like the duck, which was hugeass- almost as unbecoming as the roasted ducks served in Chinese banquets where one duck is usually shared by a table of 10 and I myself finished half in Harrods!

The roasts were marinated in yoghurt, lime juice, garlic and fresh Herbs. In case you thought I had bionic-uber-sensitive tastebuds that picked out the precise ingredients used to make the marinade, well I don’t and that’s what a website is for. Haha


As in the case of some eateries, luckily the complimentary bread basket wasn’t the star of the meal.

Served with gravy and roasted vegetables, the roasts were very good. As you can tell, I’m not one to start hyperventilating over roast dinners. I enjoy a good roast but I’m not about to kiss the ground or do a rain dance for. However if you are one who lives to roast and you have a few extra pounds leftover from VAT claim, Harrods’s rotisserie may just be your port call.


By the time I was done with my half duck and a quarter of Aunt Jo’s chicken, I was phyisically exhausted from all that slicing and tearing. We didn’t have dessert but after visitng their webste, I realize they have a Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding, with fig crème brulée and butterscotch sauce. Someone please Fedex this to me!

Harrods Rotisserie
Ground Floor, Harrods
87-135 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge,London SW1X 7XL

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