Tuesday, June 17

Cold Stone Creamery, Boston

On my last day in Boston, with just an hour to kill, we decided to head over to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. At Cold Stone Creamery, you can customize your ice cream with various mix-ins such as snicker bars, OREO cookies, Reese Peanut Butter cups, health bars etc. Although their selection of specialties pretty much took up my entire creative bandwidth, I was intrigued by the ideology:

Ice cream democracy! Freedom of choice! Power to the People!

However being a Singaporean meant that I wasn’t not wholly accustomed to the notion of democracy, and I turned my attention the list of specialties instead.

They have an amusing way of naming their portions- Like it (small), Love it (medium) and Gotta have it (huge ass)! After placing our order, our server got to work right away, scalping, nudging, kneading, as if she was giving our ice cream a good massage, well somebody should be giving her one after that workout.

Initially I left the decision-making to Edward but he ended up choosing the strawberry-based concoctions. I mean what were the odds right? Out of that many selections, he chose those that ranked lowly on my list. I know I sound like a dictator but I really wasn’t in the mood for strawberries! After vetoing his first 3 choices, we finally compromised on The Pie Who Loved Me™, made with cheesecake Ice Cream, OREO cookie, graham cracker pie crust and fudge.

It was good though but it didn’t leave me gasping for more. I tend not to fault anything with copious amounts of sugar and cream anyway. But you know me, I love exotic flavours but am at best cordial towards ‘funky mad scientist’ flavours. It’s just like how I feel towards Ben & Jerry’s and the World of chuck-anything-in-and-give-it-a-fancy name ice cream.

That being said, I’m not picky about ice cream as it is, after all, the second best medicine (after laughter) to anything! Between ‘funky mad scientist’ flavours and not having ice cream, I would definitely still choose the ‘funky mad scientist’.


Anonymous said...

hey u are wearing my top

yixiaooo said...

i borrowed it!