Sunday, December 4

lamb chops sing-a-long.

mum whipped up a spectacular meal of lamb shanks and prawn linguine for dinner tonight.

using a marie claire kitchen essentials recipe for the pasta, she concocted a dish, using prawns, cherry tomatoes, white wine, olive oil and chopped parsley.

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lamb loins, self- marinated in wine and blasimic vinegar.

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the lamb shanks were pre-marinated mediterranean-style and we bought them from 'the butcher' at chip bee gardens, which by the way happens to be a great place to get cold meats. hmm, i forsee many more trips for fuss-free dining. tomato-based with loads of herbs and other i-cannot-identify-ingredients, the shanks were a class act and great complement to the pasta.

i think with great care put into preparation, i definitely prefer eating in to eating out in a restaurant. of course it will be difficult to re-create the ambience that say, an italian restaurant provides, but you probably appreciate the effort put in by the family.

this is the song that doesn't end
and it goes on and on my friend
some people started singing without knowing what it was
and they;ll continue singing it forever
just because it is the song that doesn't end......

-remember the wayyy-catchy but irritating tune from a puppet character called lambchops?

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