Wednesday, November 16

wednesday's load.

snacking on a plain french baguette makes me feel like an ex- trafalgar square pigeon. "ex"- because the londoners cleared up the area and chased all the pigeons away.. but fortunately, i do remember nicking the complimentary hotel breakfast rolls to feed the peckish pigoens. the gloveless agony of breaking apart of hardened rolls in cold winters and the instant gratification when ALLL the damn pigeons eventually flock towards you and literally climb on top of your head.

i am exhausted. my finance report that i diligently finished last night before 9:45pm got mysteriously saved over by another document and i spent the entire afternoon and evening racking my brains trying to recall the sources i used to piece the article back together. i hope i didn't give the consolidator too much trouble by submitting my part late.

just completed some parts of the finance powerpoint presentation slides.. still waiting for another group member's. i hope i do not receive it too late since i intend to finish compiling by tonight. i am too tired to do any further revision so i am just going to w-a-i-t.

bummer of lots, i think i might have to give 'rent' a miss since one of my final papers is on a saturday morning, following the friday performance. and though i personally think it is too late to do anything on friday night, guilt prevents me from enjoying a night's out at the kallang theatre. disappointed? -you bet. but too tired to get enraged..

on the bright end, i managed to sign up for a much-contested marketing research study for friday, thus completing some credits for my marketing module! donning lady luck's robes, i have also found a friend who is willing to lend me his twc textbook to tide me over the final exams preparations (remember the whole too-cheapskate-too-pay-$32 for a textbook saga). sigh.

i am feeling remarkably emo right now.
in exactly two months and ten minutes, i will be flying off. though i cannot wait to leave, there seems to be too much to leave behhind. even for just six months.
this school term fly by in a whiz (thank god!) but the relationships forged amounted to great delight. i don't usually get all fuzzr-wharmy with people but the few people i have in my mind right now-

the late night spent at various eateries. the relief you provide under fatally- boring italiaNO classes. the laughs we have shared over celebrity gossip and diets.

and i think to myself- what a pleasure to have known you guys.

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