Tuesday, November 15

msn "invisible".

time of the year again- exams. horrid. question: why do people still go go online on msn and post nicks like, "DND: Exertremely Busy" or "Mugging- please do not msg me" or best"Warning: Will bite if provoked" ..

just 'appear offline' or abstain msn for the time being. sigh, a poor attempt at sounding busy when in actual fact, you just want people to msn you for the sake of doing so. haha.

on the other hand, i do miss the 'invisible' mode that icq had(remember that luminous green flower icon? that 'aeh-oh' cutesy noise when someone logs in?) .. like if i only want to talk to two people for project work, you can't expect me to manually 'block' and 'unblock' the rest right? even for a shorrtttt msn list like mine- it's too much work! haha..

a funny dream i had last night. i dreamt i was a convenience store and was delibating whether to succumb to a chunky issidious-looking peanut butter kit kat. finally, i decided against it (no man is an island but one spare tyre is good enough) .. then it struck me (after i woke up that) DAMN, i should have tasted that bloody kit kat.. since calories are non-existent on dreams right?! $%@^% .. aw man..

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