Monday, November 7

of moths and memories.

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this is the ONLY picture my dad has of himself when he was just a toddler.. with my paternal grandparents, his elder brothers and sister (4 siblings arrived subsequently after that). perfectly preserved in a moth-eaten photo album, my mum told me it was probably taken in a studio in malaysia- which explains the cherry blossom backdrop.

amazingly, none more was taken until he was in his early twenties. this solo photograph compared to the stacks of albums dedicated to my elder sister's toddler days..

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this is belongs to my mum. with my yeye and nainai and her two elder brothers. i think the two pictures reflectS the different family backgrounds they both came from. i mean, just take a look at how taitaish-coiffed my maternal grandmother's hair was! doesn't she remind you of a character that would look right at home in adeline yen mah's falling leaves?

my mum who was thinking of creating a black&white photo gallery in the dining area manged to scan digital copies of my dad's photograph. reproductions in a click. eerie huh. how copious technology overrides the cherished feeling of something perishable.

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