Sunday, November 20


today, Family ran out of dining ideas and we decided to order in lunch. there is just something so inveigling about mcdonald's "mackkers". the poster boy of comfort food and a subject of contention for so many others, there is no denying the appeal of the golden arches every once in a while.

Image hosted by through sheer herculean effort, these managed to stay out of reach (and into jimmy's tummy).

Image hosted by i never understood the power of minced chicken until i had a mcnugget. dipped into barbeque sauce and you get pure ambrosia sandwiched between your fingertips.

Image hosted by sigh, the whiff of sourish mayo is on a slab of fish patty is enough to make me swoon.

i don't blame you for grabbing your chest after seeing these pictures. haha.

Image hosted by

rojak. though the term 'rojak' is used to describe a mix of just about everything.. a good rojak's claim to fame is the supposed careless throwing in of ingredients, mambo-jumboed in in prawn past peanut sauce to finally produce a dish that encompasses the winning precision of savoury and sweetness. brain science.

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