Thursday, October 20


my mum is seriously thinking of renovating the kitchen!
we measured the dimensions of the kitchen, picked up the new ikea 2006 catalogue,visited a couple of interior design stores and went through their portfolio.
oh.. please let it be completed before i leave for denmark!

i brunched with diana today- basically caught up with her tales in already-chilly-at-8degrees toronto and talked about what most people my age should be thinking about- our career. to cut the long sto-, she is thinking of working for a couple of years to save up for a degree from le cordon bleu (pronounced lay cor dom BLUR).

I FELT SO ENVIOUS FOR HER. like she has a rough itinery of where and how she wants to steer her life, instead of letting life take her by the nose. me? i still have no idea. i want to be r-a-s (rich and successful) of course, but i don't have the foggiest feasible idea of what i am going to do. sigh.

anyway, back to the present- yang, i am thinking of flying with you to durham on the 12th,vacation there and maybe in london then proceed to copenhagen from there... update me on your plans =)

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