Sunday, October 2

organised by smu gourmet club..

vogue young hollywood party only hollywood party free of botox. too bad i have yet to find a get-together free of silicone.

you should know by now that my grandmother is staying over for a week and every morning, i perilously awake to the unfailing bombardment of "what do you want for breakfast?" "do you want me to prepare anything for you?" "aren't you hungry?" arghh!!!

of course i know my grandmother means well and perhaps due to the generation(s) gap, we have little in common apart from the need to eat.. nonetheless, my threshold for annoyance is wearing thin and i am beginning to practice selective hearing. i just do not understand why she insists on treating me like a bottomless pit, stuffing me food that i dislike. worse still i am beginning to eat for the sake of earning some moments of peace but she just gets her act together after every hourly interval. eck.

the spice girl's hit "who do you think you are" is playing on power98 now. i so can imagine 12-yr old backstreetboys-lovin me dancing to the song.. choreogragphing in the scret sanctuary of my room. whoa, talk about major embaressement. now, why am i even telling you this?

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