Monday, October 17

Bak chor Mee


in our singapore hawker fare-ry (pun intended) tale, the char kway teow would be the henpecked opium-smoking king, laksa his beloved but extremely power-hungry second wife (after his first missus mysteriously disappeared...) .. the chicken rice, our trusty right-hand man, the hokkien mee our prodigal princess and the minced pork noodle, our behind-the-scenes hunchback of notre dame.

why the hunchback? that is because the minced meat noodle is probably one of the most ignored and underrated local fare we have.. everyone raves about laksa and chicken rice but what you really wish for in the cold wet streets of deary london is a satisfying bowl of lardy minced pork noodle!

Image hosted by i had this for breakfast after my maid bought it back from 'tp' (a hopeless attempt at making thomson plaza sound cooler) & i wonder how she bought it since her local lingo is pretty much limited..she probably asked the uncle for the most popular item on the menu.. haha

anyway, so this is meepok with tons of add-ons such as minced pork, dumplings, meatballs, liver with a dash of must-have black vinegar and CHILI. i can so imagine all you overseas locals peering at this with utmost envy but since i am this sympathizing, i shall not going to taunt with descriptions of how marvellous this tastes.

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