Sunday, October 23

i am typing this in front of the tv while watching with national geographic's 'inside 911'.

i think that admist the world trade center and camp david chaos, many have either forgotten or even never knew about united airlines flight no. 93. do you?

well, this plane was heading for the capitol in washington but a struggle put up by the passengers themselves distracted the hijackers and caused them to plunge 20 0000 feet to new baltimore. perhaps this hit me harder than the world trade centers as we have unceremoniously forgotten about flight no. 93 just bacause no us government building was struck.

when you listen out for the last words of those who were planning to revolt- hear of how their last words were filled with so much love, despite the malice that was unfolding right in front of them- you cannot help but feel a lump in your throat.

as you watch tbe crumbling of world trade centers meticulously documented minute by minute, the search for 'missing perons' pasted all over post boxes and lamp posts and the struggle of those who refused to let the hijackers take over them, it is so easy to brush off those still images when you hear politicians in their iron-pressed suits talk the nation of out debri and real responsibility.

i know too little to say if the us government has been doing the right thing. but with enough lives lost during 911 alone, do we really need more wars?

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