Saturday, October 8

Hu Cui / Borders Bistro

have a break.

sharon and i took kevin to hu cui yesterday for shanghai dim sum. but the lady and our dane were soooo late, i was through with the first plate of roasted peanuts and halfway through my second one when they arrived. but no damages done!

well, hu cui never fails to deliver and we had xiao long bao, radish and ham pastry, stir-fried beef with bell peppers, scallion pastry .. all of which were thoroughly enjoyed.

this was pre-attica- hence the sobering images.

then the three of us proceeded to indochine which looked and reeked of teenage youth.. sigh life at 20.. we decided to head over to europa for cheap drinks where we met tarn and shuyi.. and had quite a blast talking about duh AC! its great talking to your seniors who have 'been there done that' despite only being a year older then you. and i feel that being in smu has given me a lot in terms of the far and few interesting people such as my seniors and close confidantes. oh how i miss talking to intelligent life.

attica came into the picture after midnight where i am embaressed to say i was pretty wasted due to the free flow of of alcohol in the *cough vip section.. HAAHAH... wait yang, this does not give you any reason to drink!! i was feeling so wooozzyyy that for a while i had my heels off, legs cocked up and was about to fall asleep on the couch despite the thumping tribal soundng music. not forgetting the considerable effort it took to just stand or walk straight. not my finest momment and i am not proud of it.

before i forget-
happy birthday dear ol' wai!

today i was in town all afternoon window shopping and snacking when the crowd really got to me. pram-wheeling parents, courting teenagers, masses of bahasa-speaking tourists.. of course this is my folly and i could not expect anything less in orchard road on a weekend. though determined to stay away from the crowd, i was reluctant to waste 5 bucks on coffee just so that i could read my new book. suddenly, an ingenious idea came up and i spent the next hour and half at the sia customer service at paragon! great cushy seats with.. moments of peace with the weekend crowd far-enough away, it is amazing how i have not gotten around to publishing my bestseller "cheapskate guide to sub-hedonist living"

sweet shots of dessert when i met a family friend mz for dinner and dessert.

death by chocolate- mud brownie at borders bistro could this be why i don't resemble a pre-pregnancy heidi klum?

a rather soft apple cumble which mz enjoyed. i think this could explain why too.

but i like my life. thankyouverymuch.

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