Saturday, October 29

SICC cheesecake

happy birthday jimmy!

jimmy celebrated his good quarter of a century yesterday. however, because of their complusory edu-dine law dinner, we could not have dinner together.. thus we could only make do with a bluebery cheesecake from the club. when they only returned past ten thirty, it was a mix of relief and solace as mum was already finding it difficult to stay awake and i badly needed a break from finance homework.

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a akwardly-harmonized birthday song, orchestrated by the irregular cheers from the golf masters that dad was watching eventually sealed the deal and cake was served!

i like my cheesecake firm, not soft with either a digestive base for new york cheesecake or oreo base for the oreo-version. i guess i finally realised my preferences when i had more birthday cake then the birthday boy himself.

the lovely thing about cheesecake is how it is still invitingly- tempting even as overnight cake. chilled and firm, i love having a ready supply of cheesecake in the fridge. makes for great breakfast treat, teatime snack and after-dinner dessert.

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