Monday, August 8

Shang Palace, Shangri-La

where royalty resides.

the first night that dad left for perth, we decided to venture into the grounds of shang palace, knowing that he would never like to visit there. yeap, i know we sound like rebellious 8-yr olds who flip on the television and fill up on the m&ms when our parents are out .. =)

the moment we stepped into shangri-la, my mum told us how she and my dad with a couple of other friends used to date at the coffee house at shangri-la .. like close to 25 years ago! and get this -cymbals clashing- the price of an orange juice then was about 4 frigging dollars ... sheesh! can you spell e-x-h-o-r-b-i-t-a-n-t .. haha

anyway back to the food- since it was our first time there, we decided to trek on the safe side and ordered from their specialities.

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for fillers, we order a seafood "huey fan". rice topped off with a generous assortment of seafood and the lip-smacking gravy made this dish a winner! this spelt comfort food, ideal for under-the-weather days.. haha. the dish the right is braised eel with i-have-forgotten-what .. since i hardly ever (probably) take eel outside of japanese cuisine, i would say this dish was surprisingly tasty though my mind kept thinking, "where's the teriyaki sauce"

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the dish above is "dong pou rou" done in hangzhou style .. let's just say you could finish this entire hulk of meat up and immediately book yourself an a&e unit in advance over at the hospital. haha, do not get me wrong, it is good of course! but i like the beef in a yam basket dish on the right the most

i cannot really pinpoint what chinese food is all about. on my part, i cannot bring myself to boost high-ho over how flavourful each dish tastes .. perhaps i am bias against chiense food. but chinese food just does not make me sit back and sigh in gastromic-satisfaction. perhaps it is because i have it so often, it becomes more of a daily course rather than something of a novelty.

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