Tuesday, August 9

hello school.

watcha doing in school?!

i am in school now. been here since 9am for a meeting.
sounds familar huh.
back to school soon.

can't hardly wait.

last week i caught charlie and the chocolate factory. both shows were good i guess, not smashing just above mediocore. perhaps it was all about expectations. having grown up on roald dahl, i guess the visual could never match up to the book. and as for dim usm dollies, it was 'expected'.. i even made a bet with jimmy that they would have a tt durai joke. but the merlion still cracked me up. go watch it if you have not caught them before.

have i mentioned how high-tech my school is? i am actually reminded of the scene from gattaca whereby the employees have a drop of their blood taken for entry purposes. well my school ain't that blood-sucking as yet but we do have gantries where only smu passes can gurantee you an ok. for the study rooms, you also need a student pass for access and the electronic panel actually greets you like WELCOME CHEN YIXIAO .. hoho. yes yes my humble servant.

i was telling my mum about the new system and she was like, "imagine if a murder were to take place .. you could lock up the murderer or you could tell at once who has been where at what time"

you are not alone.

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