Thursday, August 11


after a 12-hour hiatus- 57 new emails?!
another welcome-back-to-school-greeting.

do i have a right to be frustrated?

i have to plan for a freshmen party next friday. and i am suppose to be working with someone esle. but unfortunately, after volunteering, that person happily had to get himself engaged in some pulau ubin activity which means he is basically uncontactable or which i choose to believe, selectively contactacle.

he is supposed to send me the teaser/ mailer invitation to be sent out and come out with the program for me to vet through- both of which has not been sent to me. and where is he? you go figure. the party is in a week and such basics are not done yet.

better yet he refuses to reply my smses. i do not want to call him for fear of making an unnecessary scene or causing uncalled for tension. & there is basically noone to turn to for help as everyone is preoccupied with one make-believe event or another.

i have been replying emails since 8-plus this morning and i need to call up more than a hundred freshies later. f-, i am beginning to doubt people's competencies. i am beginning to hate it when someone so enthusistically volunteers for something in front of everyone yet shrinks from his job later on.

do i have a right to be frustrated?
am i tearing my hair out yet? like you needed to ask.

i need to breathe.

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