Tuesday, July 19

last week as 19.

i wish i had the energy to organise a birthday party. i remember how enthusistic i was just a couple of months ago, thinking about where to let our hair down, where to heighten our gastromoical senses .. planning a memorable day seemed too easy back then. but this is just one of life's jests i guess, i got a week to go and no plans as of yet.

my family (in tune with few years of tradition) originally planned for windows on bukit. but a family friend called last night and invited us over to her place for a good ban-mian meal (she's fantastic at entertaining and i will try to get pictures if i can). so poof! goes birthday dinner at bukit. the closest thing i have yet to associate with birthday is perhaps resturant ember which i have made reservations at for friday lunch.

i have not actually made plans with friends. it only seems so contrive to call them up and go out for a special meal. maybe last year's memories still subconsiously burn in my mind. believe me, i have a knack for not-too-pleasant details.

but then again, why am i thinking of sharing it with other people? afterall it is MY DAY. i should be thinking of how to enjoy myself and put myself before others just for this day huh?

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