Tuesday, July 19

O Brien's

mouthful of bread.

if i rank to rank my meals according to favourites- breakfast would be first, my favourite, followed by dinner then lunch. not trying to subject lunch to the 'middle-meal syndrome', i enjoy breakfast the most basically because after 8 hours of no munch, the tummy is kind of raring to be filled out. furthermore, i feel that your tastebuds are the most sensitive during breakfast, so just about anything tastes a little more sensational.

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i decided to design my own sandwich, choosing turkey ham with cranberry sauce (i lurrve cranberry sauce) & honey mustard with an assortment of peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. frankly it was not half-bad considering how 'healthy' the combination was. but check out mum's sandwich.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

mum ordered this irish breakfast hot tootsie, which in my opinion would account of the high heart disease rate amongst the irish. it has ham, bacon, sausages (what were you thinking mum?!), soaked in ketchupy sauce with raisin bits. argh it was GOOD. in fact i pretty much ignored my healthfood and helped myself to half of mum's very very appetizing sin-laden version.

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