Friday, July 22

criminal culinary.

i came. i shopped. i baked.
i took leave yeaterday and i baked! haha. so much for piorities right?

anyway, i picked up this sour-cream cookie cake recipe and decided to bake it since i have NO IDEA?! what a sour cream cake tastes like. i have originally wanted to bake one with a biscuit crumb bottom, instead it fusing the crumbs into the cake so i could not locate my digestive biscuits so i decided to make a pineapple sour-cream cake instead.

it was actually quite simple -by the way, in my opinion, cakes are a lot simpler to make then muffins- so with the normal beating, whisking and melting, a cake was produced. hmm, reason why i have not "smsed" anyone is because.. i think this is an acquired taste.. i can imagine some people cringing at the thought of a sourrr cake..

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oh, i almost forgot to mention that i finally found my digestive biscuits under yang's baked cookies .. so i created a crummy layer of biscuit bottom after the cake have been baked and joined the two and baked for another fifteen minutes.

mum liked it precisely because it was not sweet. and come the next morning, i reaslied the cake was firmer and the sourness had worn off a little. so if you want to try a sour cake .. just buzz me. haha.

after morning baking, yang and i ventured into the realms of borders and kinokuniya where i could have spent my entire day at. the amount of culinary essays were just amazing and it did require some an herculean effort just to pry myself away from those cookbooks!

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see anthony bourdain? i even found nigel slater's appetites and e meal observed by andrew-somebody! if i had an extra digit in my bank account, i would have bought the entire shelf down. i did however get two periplus mini cookbooks as i realised it tiring it was to lug a 500-page recipe book around -a sigh on contentment.

i love my day.
i don't wanna work no more.

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