Tuesday, June 7

thus shall not.

i am currently onto my next book- The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer.

you know life is really just teasing you when after experiencing myriad novelties, you end up going back to the one you started out with. at times you wondered why you stray in the first place, when the old one suited you just fine. then you realise if you have not tasted the inferior, you cannot recognise the superior. erm by the way i am still on the topic of books and not guys.

anyway having tasted my fair share of frou-frou life-pondering writers such as mitch albom.. paulo coelho and some forgettable japanese writers, i come to realise that nothing beats the normal good-guy-versus-bad-guy story line when the good guy often finds himself at the shorter end of the stick, gets chased around by the baddie blah blah...

and jeffrey archer manages to do just that without any move-my-cheese gimmicks. he stickes to good ol' hard facts and writes about presidents in uncompromising situations.. rigged elections and blind assasins. sounds like your regimental hollywould plot huh? well, it is a whole different experience when you manually turn the pages in sheer anticipation.

just in case you are wondering, the eleventh commandment happens to be
Thou Shall Not Be Caught

-smart. very smart. i can just envision some swallowing their saliva right now and you wonder why nobody esle thought of it in the first place.

i was analysing "november 2004 me" through my archives. i think i was a little funnier. a little more floozy. a little more obsessed with shoes. still i am glad to say i like "november 2004 me".

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